Draft Bridging Island Plan consultation: Further representations

Closed 22 Oct 2021

Opened 11 Oct 2021

Published responses

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The existing Revised 2011 Island Plan was approved by the States on 17 July 2014. The Minister for the Environment (the Minister) has now prepared a new, draft Bridging Island Plan (the draft Plan) to cover the period 2022-2025. If approved by the States in due course, all previous development plans will be superseded.

The draft Plan was published and lodged au Greffe on 19 April 2021 and was subject to a 12-week public consultation. This also provided the first opportunity for States Members to lodge amendments to the draft Plan. Following the consultation exercise, the Minister published the draft Bridging Island Plan: Post-consultation report, which responds to all public comments received, and all States Member Amendments. 

The appointed Inspectors, having undertaken their initial consideration of the draft Plan (including the relevant evidence to support it), the public representations, the States Member Amendments and the Minister’s response, subsequently invited further representations on certain matters to inform the Examination in Public (EiP). This consultation commenced on 11 October with a closing date for receipt of responses by 5pm Friday 22 October 2021.

Following consideration of the further representations, an updated Programme has been published (4 November 2021) prior to commencement of the EiP at 10am on Monday 15 November 2021.

Please refer to the EiP website for further information,.