Draft bridging Island Plan consultation

Closes 12 Jul 2021

Opened 19 Apr 2021


Planning is about creating a better future: protecting our environment for generations to come and enabling sensitive development that improves the lives of people now and over the long-term. The Island Plan is hugely important for Jersey. It sets out how, as a community, we will create homes; strengthen our economy; protect and restore our environment; provide for a good family life; and enhance what’s special about our island. 

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Why we are consulting

Your comments on the draft bridging Island Plan are important to us. The Island Plan impacts many aspects of islanders’ lives and livelihoods, so it is vital we consider what this means to everybody. This is your chance to make comment on the draft bridging Island Plan.

For the first time, both the public and State’s Members’ consultation periods are running concurrently. The consultation period will last for 12 weeks until 12 July 2021. After the consultation has ended the draft Plan will undergo an independent examination in public. If you have commented on the draft Plan during the consultation you may be invited, by planning inspectors, to make further comments later in the process and may also be invited to appear at a public hearing. 


Draft bridging Island Plan, Proposals Maps and programme timeline

Here are print friendly versions of the draft bridging Island Plan, Proposals Maps and programme timeline: 

Draft bridging Island Plan

Jersey Proposal Map A - Planning Zones

Jersey Proposal Map B - Flood Risk

Town Proposal Map A - Planning Zones

Town Proposal Map B - Flood Risk

Draft bridging Island Plan: programme timeline


Draft bridging Island Plan public events

As part of the Island Plan Review process, the Island Plan team will be hosting a series of public events and webinars. To attend any of these events, visit the following websites:

  • Parish drop-in events: visit the Island Plan public events page to view when a member of the team will be available at each of the Parishes
  • Webinars: visit the Island Plan EventBrite page to book a space. You must book through though EventBrite as information will be sent to participants prior to each webinar


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