Residential Tenancy Law Reform

Closed 23 Jun 2023

Opened 14 Apr 2023

Feedback updated 24 Apr 2024

We asked

On 15 April 2023, the Minister for Housing and Communities, David Warr, published a paper setting out his proposed approach to improving the existing Residential Tenancy Law, making enhancements to residential tenancies and broadening the scope of the law to include matters such as: 

  • rent stabilisation 

  • social housing provision and  

  • the introduction of a new housing tribunal 

Following the publication of the paper the 10 week-long consultation was launched. The consultation ended on 23 June, 2023.

You said

During the consultation, we collected a considerable amount of information from 328 organisations and individuals interested in this Residential Tenancy Law Reform proposals. 

Our Privacy Policy sets the scope and describes how the submitted comments and opinions are processed, protected, and stored. 

The views of the respondents are reflected in ‘The Findings report. Improving Residential Tenancies in Jersey’ published in April 2024’

We did

Since the consultation ended the new Minister for Housing, Deputy Sam Mézec, published his policy intent on how the changes to Residential Tenancy Law will be taken forward. 

You can read the Minister’s statement here. 

Residential Tenancy Law - The Way Forward_Ministerial statement

Although the consultation report has been published, you may still want to submit a comment or ask a question. You can do this by contacting us:   

  • by email: or,  

  • by post: Residential Tenancy Law consultation, Strategic Housing and Regeneration Team, 19-12 Broad Street, St Helier, JE2 3RR 

Updated on 23 April 2024. 



Thank you for participating in consultation on Improving Residential Tenancies in Jersey.