St John's Road One Way Pre-Trial Community Survey

Closed 29 Oct 2023

Opened 9 Oct 2023


To understand the views of the community about pedestrian road safety and barriers to active travel on St John's Road, as well as people's feelings about the road environment for residents, you are encouraged to complete this survey.

During the latter part of the three-month trial, the survey will be repeated to gauge the community's feeling about the benefits and downsides of the trial changes. Your feedback will be considered in the decision process as to whether the changes should be implemented on a permanent basis in the future.

About the Trial Scheme

Map showing the 3 month trial one way traffic northbound on the lower part of St John's Road until the junction with Parade Road, the one way traffic southbound along Parade Road and no change to the traffic on West Park Avenue.

The Minister for Infrastructure and the St Helier Roads Committee have approved a 3-month trial on St John's Road to make the area safer for residents and pedestrians. To ensure the impacts of the trial can be evaluated in a structured way, it will now begin after October half term 2023. This will allow for more traffic flow, air quality and active travel surveys to be carried out prior to the trial.

The lower part of St John's Road between Parade Road and Cheapside will become one-way northbound only (away from Cheapside), with bollards creating more space for pedestrians on the narrowest section of the road.

Motorists heading towards town along St John's Road will be directed to use Tower Road and Westmount, with St John's Road being prioritised for local access. Local traffic heading to town from St John's Road will be able to use Parade Road.

Benefits of the trial scheme

The St John's road trial scheme intends to:

  • reprioritise the streets to make them safer and more user friendly for pedestrians
  • benefit local residents accessing their homes
  • encourage people to use more sustainable forms of travel
  • create an attractive environment that enhances local amenity

If the trial scheme is successful, then it will be considered for permanent implementation.