St John's Village Improvement Scheme

Closed 2 Oct 2023

Opened 21 Aug 2023


In surveys carried out in 2014 and 2020 St John’s parishioners identified issues of concern and indicted support for improvement measures.

To respond to these concerns, the St John’s Village Improvement Board (Parish representatives with technical support from the Government of Jersey Department of Infrastructure and Environment) have been working on potential improvement options for the community to consider.

The purpose of this consultation is to explain our work to date, and illustrate the range of potential improvement concepts, in order to gather your thoughts and preferences. As the historic centre of the Parish, St John’s Village is characterised by a number of features, buildings and vistas (as shown in the photographs below).

Photographs taken in the Parish of St John

St John's Village Map

St John's Village Map

Jersey’s Sustainable Transport Policy (STP) establishes a number of objectives and principles. These reflect the Jersey Mobility Hierarchy (below) which sets priorities for decision making, with greatest weight given to improving accessibility, walking and cycling, and least to private cars.

Jersey Mobility Hierarchy 

Jersey Mobility Hierarchy 

St John's Village Board Ambition

St John’s is committed to responding to climate change and promoting active travel to reduce carbon emissions and improve the health of Parishioners.
The Board recognise the community’s desire for St John’s Village key amenities to be as accessible as possible by walking routes for all members of the community and all abilities. The Board also recognise that improvements for cycling and bus accessibility, also in line with the Governments Sustainable Transport Policy, should be included in options for the community to consider.

St John's Village Improvement Scheme - Scope

Image showing St John's Village Improvement Scheme - Scope

Challenges and Constraints

St John’s Village benefits from a number of assets and attractions but with challenges to safe and comfortable pedestrian movement. The constraints are as shown below.

Challenges and Constraints image

Photographs showing the existing barriers to active travel in the Parish of St John

Challenges and Constraints plan view image

Community Concerns

Village surveys were carried out by the Comité Rurale in both 2014 and 2022, in order to gather the community’s response to the relevant Island Plans and 
identify issues of concern.

In the 2020 questionnaire respondents were asked to comment on potential improvements with respect to pedestrian safety. The chart to the right indicates the villagers’ responses to a range of measures. Whilst there are varying levels of support, each one is found to be either Important or Very Important to at least 50% of respondents.

Community Concerns questionnaire results chart

This survey is part of an ongoing engagement process, following on from a workshop held at St Johns Parish Hall on Saturday 24th June. 

Why your views matter

The purpose of this survey is to gain your views on the preferred option for reducing barriers to active travel in St John's Village.

Please complete the online questionnaire and indicate your preferred option.

The information we collect is gathered, stored and used in accordance with our privacy policy:

Infrastructure, Housing and Environment privacy policy

What happens next

Feedback from the community consultation and the online questionnaire will be reviewed by the Board and the preferred choice will be presented to the Minister. 

The Minister will make a funding decision.