Termination of pregnancy in Jersey

Closed 31 Oct 2023

Opened 20 Jul 2023


The Minister for Health and Social Services has launched a review of the Island's Termination of Pregnancy (Jersey) Law 1997 (“the 1997 Law”).

The 1997 Law has remained largely unchanged for over 25 years, although other countries have revised their legislation over this time period taking steps to ensure it better supports women.

The Minister is committed to conducting a review of Jersey's legislation to better understand if it:

  • reflects societal values
  • meets the needs of women
  • takes account of changes in medical practice.

The purpose of this survey is to gather views on the current law and its provisions. This consultation seeks input from all Islanders, regardless of gender and personal experience.

As termination of pregnancy is currently legal in Jersey, the survey does not ask if it should be illegal.

Completing the survey

The survey will take approximately 30 minutes to complete. There are nine sections in total. Section 1 asks demographic questions to help analyse the results of the survey; Section 2 provides background information; Sections 3 to 9 focus on a specific issue related to termination of pregnancy and then ask a number of related questions.

If while completing the survey you wish to go back to a previous page, use the 'back' navigation button on your browser.

Termination of pregnancy is a sensitive topic. If you find any of the questions upsetting or do not wish to answer, you can move onto the next question or end the survey.