Have your say on where you work

Closes 9 Jun 2023

Opened 13 Feb 2023


This is a chance for Jersey’s public sector employees to have their say on the suitability of the property they work from. If you are a member of the public, please have your say on Government buildings here.

A review of the public estate is underway, and it is important to understand how our buildings are performing for those who are working in them and what changes are needed to improve them.  

The Government’s Island Public Estates Strategy 2021 to 2035 outlined the need for the Property Holdings team to develop a Strategic Asset Management Plan, to set out a 20-year plan of how the portfolio can be adapted to best suit the needs of those accessing public services from these buildings.  

Why your views matter

For some of us, major changes are already underway to provide new facilities, such as the new Office Accommodation Project, but is important to get your views on where we are today to provide a benchmark for improvement.   

A separate public survey is also underway to get the views from the public who use our buildings to access a public service. 

The results of both surveys will be made publicly available and will inform the property management team in ensuring that our public estate is fit for purpose and supports the best possible standards for current and future public services.

Have your say on where you work