Sustainable Transport Policy – your views on the approach to the rapid plans

Closed 28 Dec 2020

Opened 16 Nov 2020


The States Assembly adopted a new Sustainable Transport Policy (STP) framework in March 2020 which sets an ambitious vision for Jersey’s transport network.

‘By 2030, our transport system will make our everyday lives better, support businesses, encourage us and our children to be healthier and make our Island greener.

Following a pause while the COVID-19 response took priority, the Minister for Infrastructure is now keen to make progress to realise this vision.

Why your views matter

Everyone uses the Island’s transport system, and we all have a role – and a say – in how it develops to meet our needs.

Before we kick off this important work, which will set the direction of transport policy in Jersey for the next decade, we want to hear what you think about the proposed approach to these plans.

We’d especially like to hear your views on three key questions:

Q1 – Is there anything else we should include in the plans to meet the objectives of the Sustainable Transport Policy that were agreed by the States Assembly?

Q2 – Are there any additional data or information sources, which you or others might have access to, that you think would be useful to the plans?

Q3 – Who should we make an effort to talk to in order to inform the plans as they progress?